Aquaheat South Pacific Limited delivers specialist building services throughout Fiji. We’re well known as one of the country’s leading air conditioning/mechanical contractors. With a successful track record in a diverse range of building services contracting, we have the resources and expertise to successfully deliver large, high quality projects safely, on time and within budget.


Major projects. Unparalleled experience. We carefully manage our projects from first briefing to final handover.


Aquaheat South Pacific Limited is extremely proud of its commitment to health and safety.  We have a comprehensive health and safety system that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1996,  AS/ NZS4801:2001 andthe NZ Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 as well as .

We are committed to improving the safety culture and performance across all parts of our business and to working alongside our customers to ensure the highest levels of safety within the industry.

An important part of mobilising into a customer’s workplace is the alignment of safety strategies and practices.

The Aquaheat South Pacific Limited’s safety programme is flexible enough to integrate with customers’ existing safety processes, procedures and communication channels without compromising the approach to working safely.

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited’s safety programme, Home Safe, involves keeping each other safe so that all staff have healthy lives in and out of the work place.  Safety is about making work a place where people arrive healthy and leave healthy – with everyone contributing to workplace safety.  We have a firm “no induction, no start” policy.

Aquaheat South Pacific Limited continues to drive safety providing everyone with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to make Aquaheat South Pacific Limited a safe place to work.

The programme is underpinned by a number of business activities and is reinforced via:

  • Comprehensive induction, training, mentoring and coaching of employees
  • The provision of safety documentation, processes and safe work procedures on-site
  • Cultural change management – ensuring engagement and buy-in from management through to the frontline.

While generated from a responsibility and desire to protect employees from workplace injury, the Aquaheat South Pacific Limited safety programme also makes good business sense.  Injury free workplaces see improved productivity allowing us to deliver better service to our customers.

Flowing out of each standard are one or more processes. Processes provide step-by-step instructions on how to meet a standard or part thereof. The type and number of processes that a workplace will use depends on the type of activities conducted at the site. The main users of processes are managers and supervisors, in order to understand how a specific activity should be completed.

Each process is brought to life at the workplace by using the associated tools. These represent the forms, guides, checklists, registers, safe work procedures, etc. that are used on a daily basis. The number and type of tools used at a workplace depends on the activities conducted at the site.

These documents are housed on Aquaheat SharePoint, which is Aquaheat’s web-based information management tool and includes a range of management system documentation.